Scott Hafner – Customer Support

My old Sure Grip dolly set has been used on 3 of my past and current snowmobiles for over 15 years.
After searching for a replacement wheel with no luck I searched Sure Grip dolly and found a very informative website.
I took a chance that someone would answer the phone and was happy to speak with a real person.  I broke a wheel on my original single cable Sure Grip dollies when the skis were sliding sideways and hit a tree root.  I was told that I would be sent a replacement wheel with the end cap free of charge.  After that great customer service experience, it took me no time to buy the upgraded design that includes the reverse cable and longer wheelbase.  My repaired set will most likely end up at my buddy’s lake cabin for him to use for the next 15 years.  His old caster style system can be repurposed to his vintage Scorpion. 
Scott Hafner