Independent Review Of Suregrip Snowmobile Dollies (


after many years in the business and watching many new products introduced and shortly afterwords disapear; the crew at STV is always a little suspect about products sent to us along with a screaming endorsement that claims they are the best. Well when it comes to Snowmobile dollies we think we have found one that lives up to its hype!

These sled movers are called Sure Grip Drivable Snowmobile Dollies; made of solid plate steel with 5 inch rubber wheels mounted on bronze graphite bearings, this system is built tough and designed to last. The concept is as easy as the assembly, after turning the sockets on the bolts a few times, the nylon coated steel safety cable attaches to the sides and is used as a catch strap that grips the ski on your sled. the nylon protects from any scratching.

The Dollies are designed to fit all types of skis with all manufactures with both single and dually carbides. With the cables in place the dollies stay on the skis allowing you to even ride up on trailers and on road ways if needed to get to the snow. we tried them on our four place with a thicker door lip, it was a bit of a rise. but with a gentle approach, up the wheels went and we rolled right up with no issue. For moving sleds around the garage, the shop and for dealers in the show room, with the track dollie in place you can turn tight circles and get your sled in and out of tight spots with out issue. we are forever moving sleds in our shop and have replaced various dollies throughout the years but this suregrip system seems by far to be the most durable dolly set we have come across.

Whether moving under power with the 2 ski dollies, loading on the trailers or just shuffling the sled around the shop with the 3rd track roller; this is a dollie set that has really impressed us. For more info visit the suregrip dollie website. You wont be disappointed!