Snowmobile Dollies

Engineered by Sled Lovers for Sled Lovers. Protect your back from aches on or off season!

Sure Grip Dollies have been solving snowmobile mobility challenges for over 20 years with true all-season, versatile and durable sled ski dollies with swivel track dolly included. Unlike many alternatives, with the SURE GRIP dollies your sled moves itself, drive-able and steerable under its own power.

Practical, Easy Sled Movers in a small store-able package!

The main advantage to our snowmobile dollies is they work like a snowmobile wheel kit, allowing sleds to be easily driven under power. Slip on our sled dollies, drive across the garage and up the trailer. When you’ve reached the end of the line for your truck, drive down the trailer and up to the snow line, slip off the ski carts and go.

Imagine: no more heavy lifting! Not having to get off your sled to swing the back end around because you can’t steer. No more back ache and no more damage from carbides gouging the driveway, trailer, or your lawn! If you choose the original Sure Grips you won’t be disappointed!

Our products are also designed to give you years of reliable service, but if your millage happens to vary, rest assured our team is here to support you and our warranty has your back.

Sure Grip Dolly Kit

  • Trail Sled Dollies (standard set) with up to 7.25 inch (177.8 mm)  wide skis

  • Mountain Sled Dollies for up to 10 in. (254 mm) wide skis

Common Specifications:

Sure Grip Dollies are 100% made in America and are constructed of solid plate steel, utilizing proven SURE GRIP Premium grade 5-inch solid rubber wheels mounted on graphite bearings. For a non-running sled, a swivel track dolly is included, the only question that remains is:

What challenges do you have for the SURER GRIPS?